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Information Use


Blocked Email

Reject unauthorized email collection

The e-mail address posted on this Webpage shall not be collected without permission using e-mail collection programs or
other technical devices, and shall be punished by the Information and Communications Network Act by Korean law.

[Date of publication : Webpage open date till now]

Section 2 of the Information & Communications Network Act
(Do not allow e-mail addresses to be unauthorized)

  1. No one should collect an e-mail address using any other technical device or program automatically collecting e-mail addresses from an Internet webpage where the intention to refuse to collect e-mail addresses is stated.
  2. As a member, during the service use period provided by the Korea Energy Show, your personal information will be kept in the Korea Energy Show without delay in achieving the purpose of collecting or receiving personal information.
  3. In the event of a service, such as a breakdown of the terms and conditions and non-infliction, the users will be removed regardless of any notice.