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Summary for Korea Energy Show

Korea Energy Show 2024
September 4th(Wed) ~ 6th(Fri), 2024
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy / Korea Energy Agency
The Korea Energy Show is
held every year to lay the foundation for the development of the energy industry by improving energy efficiency, exchanging information on renewable energy products and technologies and establishing a business platform.
Started from the 1st National Fuel Use Device Exhibition in 1975, it celebrates its 43th anniversary in 2024.
Category Main exhibition contents
Carbon Free Energy Hall
(Clean Energy Zone)
Innovative technologies and policies of clean energy companies such as solar power, wind power, hydrogen/fuel cells and nuclear power generation.
Future Energy Hall
(Energy Efficiency Hall)
Efficiency improvement technologies and products trough cutting-edge technologies such as high-efficiency energy, power consumption reduction, energy management solutions and artificial intelligence
Other special Zones - Wind power Special Zone:
Introduction of technologies and products of global companies related to offshore wind power
- Innovation Award Special Zone:
Introduction of innovative technologies and products of companies that have won innovation awards in the climate energy field
- Climate Tech Special Zone:
Introducing innovative technologies and companies that generate profits by reducing carbon emissions
Additional facilities and amenities Other convenience facilities such as VIP lounge, Event zone, Cafeteria, etc.
※ The above information is subject to change