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Exhibition Korea Energy Show

  • 01 Operating hours September 4th(Wed) ~ 6th(Fri), 2024 10:00 – 17:00
  • 02 Closing of entrance 16:00
  • 03 exhibition scale 300 300 companies , 1,500 booths , 30,000 visitors
Category Main exhibition contents
Carbon Free Energy Hall
(Clean Energy Zone)
Innovative technologies and policies of clean energy companies such as solar power, wind power, hydrogen/fuel cells and nuclear power generation.
Future Energy Hall
(Energy Efficiency Hall)
Efficiency improvement technologies and products trough cutting-edge technologies such as high-efficiency energy, power consumption reduction, energy management solutions and artificial intelligence.
Other Special Zone - Wind power Special Zone:
Introduction of technologies and products of global companies related to offshore wind power
- Innovation Award Special Zone:
Introduction of innovative technologies and products of companies that have won innovation awards in the climate energy field
- Climate Tech Special Zone:
Introducing innovative technologies and companies that generate profits by reducing carbon emissions
Additional facilities and amenities Other convenience facilities such as VIP lounge, Event zone, Cafeteria, etc.
※ The above information is subject to change