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Past Event Results

2023 Event Results

Korea Energy Show 2023
May 25th(Thu) – 27th(Sat)
Location / Scale
Busan BEXCO EXHIBITION CENTER 1 / 376 Companies / 1,635 Booths
Total Visitor
28,732 people
Side Event
Opening Ceremony, VIP Tour, Seminar, Docent Tour, Business Meeting,
Business and Visitor Program, etc.
Sortation Major Organ/Group/Company Scale(Booth)
Korea Energy
Clean Energy Hall Confirmation of policies for clean energy products and technology, and service providers and related projects including solar power, wind power, hydro/fuel electricity etc. 533
Energy Efficiency Hall Systems of high energy efficiency, reduced power consumption, air conditioning and heating products and energy management solutions and related companies 170
Net Zero Expo Net-Zero Tech Hall A place for promotion, experience, and business for companies and institutions with Net-Zero related innovative products and appropriate technologies (green digital, etc.) 417
Future Mobility Future Mobility Hall Introduction to future mobility technologies such as electric vehicles, EV charging solutions, and autonomous driving
*(Automatic driving, Platform)/(New attendance) Kakao Mobility, etc.
Busan World EXPO Promotion Hall Busan World EXPO 2030 attraction promotion zone 45
Policy Finance Hall Introduction of financial products and services of domestic policy financial institutions, Sharing financial and tax support information 45
Additional Facilities Export Business Meeting Hall, Cafeteria, Event Zone, Seminar room, etc. 167
Total 1,635