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2021 Korea Energy Show - Application for participation: by 2021.07.31 - First come first served, early closing possible

Participation procedure

  • step 01.Online Application

  • step 02.Payment of Participation Fee

  • step 03.Submission of Application
    Forms and Directory Book

  • step 04.Opening of
    Korea Energy Show

Exhibition Fees

Booth Standard Fees

Booth Standard Fees
Type 1 Booth Size Unit Price Details
Standard Booth 3m x 3m x 2.4m USD 2,400 Display Area + System Booth
Free single-phase electricity 220V 1kW per booth
Premium Booth 3m x 3m x 2.4m USD 2,700 Display Area + System Booth
(Combination of octa, block, woodwork etc.)
Free single-phase electricity 220V 1kW per booth
Raw Space 3m x 3m x 5m USD 2,000 Display Area Only
(Separate construction of booth by participating company)

Other Support

부대시설 이용료
Sort Unit Price
Electricity Single, 220V / 380V 60 USD/KW
TelePhone Domestic Use Only 80 USD/Per
Domestic & International Use 200 USD/Per
Customer Management System 200 USD/Per
Internet / Water / Drainage, Compressed Air 150 USD/Line & Location

Various discount benefits

General participation booth(max. 50% off by duplicate applications)

  • Early application(Companies applied before 31 May, 2021) 10 %
  • Large booth(Companies applied for 10 booths or more) 10 %
  • Certified/participated companies(High-efficiency material • Renewable energy facility certification, 2021 renewable supplier and rental businesses) 5 %
  • Consecutive
    participation(from 2nd to max. 3rd time)
    5~10 %
  • Contract in 2019(According to Korea Energy Show result report in 2019) 20 %
  • Collaborative cooperation between large companies and SMEs(SMEs participating with funding from large enterprises) 20 %
  • Foreign company booth participation 50 %

The schedule such as early application may vary due to COVID-19.

Policy booth(No duplicate application with general participation booth discounts)

  • Local
    government/Techno Park(Companies not available)
    50 %
  • Participation by
    associations and organizations(5 companies or more or 10 booths or more)
    50 %
  • Foreign companies(Arrival of logistics or representative from abroad) 50 %
Korea Energy Show