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CRK Corporation Appliances

Company Name CRK Corporation CEO Kang Seung Hee and 1 other(KIM
Business Type Manufacture Main Business Appliances
Tel. 02-4637-5135 Fax. --
E-mail minsu.kang@carrier.co.kr Website http://
Address Gukjegeumyung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, 07326, Rep. of KOREA

Company Information

  • Business Information Carrier Refrigeration Korea provides not only economical but also smart refrigeration solution based on the technology that Global CARRIER has been accumulated for about 120 years. As the No.1 company in refrigeration sector in Korea, CRK Corporation is responsible for safe food for the people with the best technology that leads the industry by establishing smart cold chain system maintaining the best freshness from the origins of foods to the dining tables. Based on the highest level of high-efficiency inverter control technology and ability to design cold chain system independently, CRK has provided Commercial refrigerated display case, Inverter Condensing Unit, Eco-Friendly Cold Storage, Commercial & Household refrigerator, Ultra-low freezer, Pharmaceutical Refrigerator and Unmanned market solution and is currently extending the scope of business to the Bio Cold Chain System. We are leading the future market by introducing eco-friendly and energy saving products and by leading eco-friendly electric vehicle (EV) refrigeration technology.