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가우스랩 주식회사 Photovoltaic

Company Name 가우스랩 주식회사 CEO 이정근
Business Type Information and Communication Main Business Photovoltaic, Wind Power, Appliances, Industry
Tel. 02-3280-0730 Fax. --
E-mail info@gausslab.co.kr Website http://www.gausslab.co.kr/
Address 201, 2F, Cheonan Green Startup Town 32, Cheonancheon 4-gil, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

Company Information

  • Business Information Gauslab Inc. ('established in July 20) - Industrial AR/VR & Digital Twin-based start-up that digitally transforms data operations and management at industrial sites - Vision: A company that more easily shares and delivers digital experiences (DX) to all information and customers on the ground - Mission: Let's provide digital experience with technology for inefficient aspects of work processes in industrial sites. (1) Originality - provides information solutions that change how you work in the digital transformation era. (2) Differentiation - Digital device AR HMD and tablets can be used in industrial sites, and various facility inspection solutions are easily versatile and applicable. (3) Expertise - The founder is a 15-year CAD/CAE electrical equipment design analysis/analysis expert, and executives have 10 years of professional master's/doctoral experience, including a 10-year plant/education expert.
  • Technology 1. Industrial augmented reality inspection solution (AR/VR & ICT) (1) CPS-based industrial design AR solutions for energy/resource industries (2) Data Measurement ICT Device Using IoT Sensor (3) AR SDK-based content and applications (App/Web) 2. Artificial Intelligence Solutions (A.I) (1) Industry data preprocessing - processing/analysis/management (2) 3D Model (CAD) Data Information Management Realistic Content and AI Solutions (3) Process based on facility inspection/diagnosis AI algorithm 3. Digital Transformation Solutions (DT) (1) Introducing an application process for the digital transformation process (2) CPS (Cyber Physical System) Applicable DX Solution (3) Smart Factory/Smart Plant Applicable DX Solutions