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Group Registration
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Use of confidential information

The 2022 Korea Energy Competition and 2022 NET ZERO EXPO (co-hosted by the Korea Energy Agency, the Korea Industry Intelligentization Association,
and the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology) values your personal information and complies with the “Information and Communication Network Utilization Promotion and Information Protection" law.
The organizer will inform you of the purpose and method of using the personal information you provide, and what measures are being taken to protect your personal information. If the organizer revises the privacy policy, it will be notified through the website notice (or individual notice).

■ Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

The Company uses the collected personal information for the following purpose:
○ For identification, age verification and tour guide related to participation in exhibitions
○ Statistics for visitors to the exhibition
○ Sending exhibition information- E-mail, SMS

■ Personal Information Items Collected

The Company collects personal information as follows for membership, counseling, service application, etc.:
○ Collected item: Name, age, gender, region, company name, division, position, cell phone number, company phone number, fax, e-mail, home address, and other selections.
○ Method of personal information collection: Homepage(Pre-registration of visitors, registration of exhibitors)

■ Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information

In principle, after the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, the relevant information shall be destroyed without delay.
However, if it is necessary to preserve it under the provisions of the relevant statutes, the Company shall keep member information for a certain period of time as specified in the relevant statutes as follows:
○ Retention items: Name, age, gender, region, company name, division, position, cell phone number, company phone number, fax, e-mail, home address
○ Retention basis: Service improvement, planning, and survey
○ Retention period: 3 years